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*Updated March 30, 2021 – Between March 29 at 11:59 pm and April 19 at 11:59 pm the PHO is strengthening province-wide restrictions and because of this the Centre will remain closed to the public. 

  • The variance allowing indoor religious gatherings and worship services between March 28 and May 13 is suspended. This means no indoor religious gatherings are permitted at this time.  

If you have any questions, require spiritual advice or guidance please email the Centre:  or call the Centre:  250-385-4828. 

Thank you for understanding and please stay healthy and safe 🙂

The Victoria Buddhist Dharma Society


Prayer to Tara

Om, I pay Homage to Tara, the Noble One, the Arya,
Namo, Tare she who is quick, the Heroine,
She who eliminates all fear with Tutarre,
The Saviouress who gives all bennefit with Ture,
I bow down to you Soha.

Om Tare Tutarre Ture Soha,
Om Tare Tutarre Ture Soha,
Om Tare Tutarre Ture Soha,